Cummings Road Landfill Cap Aerial

XP2 Aerial - Cummings Rd. Landfill Erosion Control from Chad Johnson on Vimeo. This project consisted of a cap over an existing landfill in Eureka, California and Humboldt County. Agru's Super Gripnet (60 mil thickness) was installed with an 8 ounce non-woven geotextile. This site was unique because of heavy rains and sandy soils. The Super Gripnet was specified to enable an agressive drainage design to prevent the vegetative layer of sandy soils from sliding off. The slopes were 4 to 1 and downslope interceptor trenches were employed to allow the benches to be 200 feet apart. The runoff water is of a high quality since the combination of the Supergripnet system and the sandy soil allows the water to get filtered while it is draining off of the cap. This project utilized over 1 million square feet of the 60 mil Agru Super Gripnet and 8 ounce non-woven geotextile. [...]

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D & E Hires Dennis Shamoon

Dennis Shamoon has joined the staff at D& E Construction, Inc. Dennis will assume responsibilities for Project Management and Safety Management at D & E. He has recently held the position of Project Manager/Contracts Administrator/Safety Manager at a central California General earthworks contractor and worked on major projects including levee building, levee restoration, landfill expansion, landfill closure, canal building & restoration, major storm & flood control and reclamation projects. All of the projects have been in California and Arizona and both in the public and private sector. He was also the owner/operator of a computer systems company that designed, built and installed computer systems to custom requirements. Dennis has current California and Arizona General Engineering A Contractors Licenses. He is OSHA 10 & 30 hour certified, Hazwoper Trainer certified, NAVFAL/USACE Construction Quality Management certified and CASQUA & CESSWI Certified QSP. We all welcome Dennis to our team at D & [...]

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