Alphabet Soup: What are CPLs?

Construction and engineering are complicated sectors. Acronyms abound to add a bit of shorthand to material classes (e.g., GM), material constructions (e.g., HDPE), regulatory schemes (e.g., EPA Subtitle D), etc. The field of geosynthetics adds another layer of acronyms--the alphabet soup--and can seem obscure even to some in the construction industry who do not possess a background in them. Properly utilizing geosynthetics requires knowledge of the polymeric varieties of materials, special handling requirements, the specific functions and applications associated with certain polymers, certain materials, certain soil conditions. WHAT IS A CPL? A CPL is a concrete protection liner. These materials are structured geomembranes with studs or knobs on the surface of them to interlock with concrete structures and protect the concrete from mechanical damage and corrosive and erosive environments, such as industrial liquids or high flows. An example is the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) StudLiner product from GSE Environmental. The company's [...]