Qualifications and Services

D&E Construction, Inc. has evolved as an independent company that installs all geosynthetic materials. We are a dealer/installer of Agru, Cetco, GSE, Poly-flex, and Skaps geosynthetic materials. D&E Construction was started as an independent installation company over 15 years ago and the executive staff has over 75 years experience in the geosynthetic industry.

D&E maintains several crews of highly experienced and specialized installation personnel. Our supervisors, foremen and head seaming technicians have each installed several millions square feet of geosynthetics. The seaming equipment and quality control equipment is the state of the art used in the industry today. Each project experiences specialized personal attention from the start of the bidding process to the end of the quality control package and warranty. Each project experiences total field quality control including: panel layouts, trial test welds, field tensiometer testing, vacuum box testing, air-lance testing, air channel testing and spark testing. Conditions of welding and installation conditions are recorded, all panels are marked and a final asbuilt is provided for every project. Submittals of samples, specifications, manufacturer’s quality control data, certifications and material and installation warranties are provided.

Types of Applications

  • Landfills liners and caps
  • Ponds & Reservoirs
  • Mining leach pads and ponds
  • Floating covers
  • Methane barriers
  • Secondary Containment
  • Golf course and recreational ponds
  • Tank linings
  • Protective embankment covers
  • Dairy pond liners
  • Digester lagoons liners and covers
  • Canal liners

Types of Materials

  • Geomembrane: HDPE, LLDPE, Hypalon, PVC. Polypropylene, XR-5
  • Geotextile
  • Geonet
  • Geocomposite
  • Geogrid

Special Goals

D & E Construction’s strives and takes pride in providing their clients with prompt responses to their needs, the highest quality installations and cost effective solutions to all requests and situations.