Project Description

Sutter Homes Winery Ponds
Agricultural Water Ponds
2009 Project

Project Summary
The design specifications for this project stipulated that there shall be zero leakage through the pond liner system. These were double lined ponds with a leak collection system between the primary and secondary geomembrane. Secondary geomembrane was 40 mil smooth HDPE (manufactured by GSE) and this was leak tested with the water puddle method after completed installation. The Leak collection layer consisted of a 200 mil HDPE geonet. The Primary geomembrane was a GSE 60 mil smooth conductive HDPE geomembrane . At the completion of installation the conductive geomembrane was spark tested in its entirety including under the seam laps. All areas of question were repaired. The pipes penetrating the liner system were detailed with bootless pipe penetrations manufactured in D & E’s fabrication facility. After filling the ponds with wastewater from the winery, it was determined that the standard pocket vents installed at the top of the slopes were allowing liquid to enter the leak detection layer as a result of wave action. These vents were replaced with a D & E designed “smoke stack vent”. Four ponds have been installed and all have no detectable liquid collecting in the leak detection system.

Client: Sutter Homes Winery
City: Lodi
County: San Joaquin County
State: CA
Project Type: Agricultural Water Ponds
Project Size: 186,572
Material Types:

  • 186,572 SF 60 mil conductive HDPE (High Denensity Polyethylene) geomembrane
  • 186,572 SF 200 mil HDPE (High Denensity Polyethylene) geonet
  • 186,572 SF 60 mil HDPE (High Denensity Polyethylene) geomembrane
  • Bootless Pipe Penetrations and Vent details