Infrastructure - Landfills and geosynthetics

Well designed and well planned, this California landfill utilized HDPE geomembrane, GCL, and geotextile in its environmental protection strategy.

Every so many years the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) hands out grades to the American infrastructure. The scores have been bleak, and this has been the state of things for a long time. Dams, bridges, wastewater, roads, and levees all score in the Ds, as do most sectors.

In the 2013 report, however, one trend continues: the most highly-rated sector is, once again, Solid Waste.

Waste management is not an area most people want to think about, and nearly every community has dealt with Not In My Backyard debates whenever a new landfill or landfill expansion is proposed. But there is a simple reason for why waste management routinely performs so well when infrastructure is evaluated:

  • It is highly regulated
  • Geosynthetics are required to be used because of their exception environmental protection record
  • There is an established culture of expertise because many geosynthetics, being designed for specific functions, require special handling

D&E Construction is proud to be a member of the International Association of Geosynthetic Installers (IAGI). And we are proud to have been part of carefully planned, expertly executed waste management projects for many years, taking sites from initial cell construction to safe closure.

Our geosynthetic experts ensure that materials are handled properly and installed efficiently.