XP2 Aerial – Cummings Rd. Landfill Erosion Control from Chad Johnson on Vimeo.

This project consisted of a cap over an existing landfill in Eureka, California and Humboldt County. Agru’s Super Gripnet (60 mil thickness) was installed with an 8 ounce non-woven geotextile. This site was unique because of heavy rains and sandy soils. The Super Gripnet was specified to enable an agressive drainage design to prevent the vegetative layer of sandy soils from sliding off. The slopes were 4 to 1 and downslope interceptor trenches were employed to allow the benches to be 200 feet apart. The runoff water is of a high quality since the combination of the Supergripnet system and the sandy soil allows the water to get filtered while it is draining off of the cap. This project utilized over 1 million square feet of the 60 mil Agru Super Gripnet and 8 ounce non-woven geotextile. The project was designed by Clayton Coles of Lawrence and Associate, Redding, California and the General Contractor was Anderson Dragline. The installation was completed by D & E Construction, Inc.